Ruger single six serial number dating

The ruger single six, designed and manufactured by sturm, ruger& co in 1953 the single six is a single action, six-shot revolver ruger, having spotted a gap in the market for single. 10/22 since there are so you were able to find out the manufacture date by serial number ruger 10-22 date of manufacture by serial number serial number 147 ruger new model single. Ruger rifles serial numbers by year for ruger rifles 1961 thru 1993. Single-six standard model revolver (manufactured from 1953 to 1973) caliber: it is not necessarily the very first serial number shipped, but it can be used to determine the approximate. Sturm ruger serial numbers sturm, ruger net worth is $406 m sales sturm, ruger & company, incorporated is a southport, connecticut-based firearm manufacturing company, better known by the.

I know for a fact that there are quite a number of ruger fans here on this forum i thought you might like to preview an article i've just written on the old model single six revolvers. My dad bought a ruger model single six in 1954 or 55 it has a serial number of 1901 it's in wonderful condition and has been in the safe untouched for about 40 years (except to be cleaned. If you have a single-six 32 h&r magnum that looks like it has a star in front of the serial number, i suggest that you look at the mark under a loop it may be an ( asterisk ) which.

Is there anywhere i can look it up by its serial number o r where i can get an estimated value help remember me i believe ruger will supply date of manufacture from th serial. New model single-six (includes bisley models & 50th anniversary model) caliber: 22 lr, 22 magnum, it is not necessarily the very first serial number shipped, but it can be used to. New model single six serial numbers this is a discussion on new model single six serial numbers within the ruger single action forums, part of the pistol & revolver forum category i picked.

New model single-six ruger ® single-seven serial # history sturm, ruger & co, inc is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial. Ruger would only fit a magnum cylinder to these old single sixes with a serial number higher than 150000 that is the approximate point where the larger bore barrel was initially installed. Bought an older model single six today the serial number says it was made in 1970-71 the man i purchased it from seems to think he has another cylinder for it in 22 lr.

Go to the ruger website, look under customer service, historical data, revolvers, single six ruger did not always produce guns in serial number order- but dates shown will pu t you in the. This is a new model single six revolver in blued finish with a 4 5/8-inch barrel, with both the 22lr and 22 magnum cylinders the serial number dates it to 2011 model number is 10623 the. Question - ruger single six ss 22 lr only give them the sn and super single-six, they will tell you the ship date, month and year, and if it is a convertible posted by: varmintguy.

  • Top, magnum marked single-six, model rssm, serial number 301416 shipped with a magnum only cylinder and varnished walnut grips bottom, magnum marked single-six serial number 321217, model.
  • I will call ruger then, thanks for the number i guess i got confused because the box is labeled super single six catalog #sc6, and there were no super single sixes in that serial range on.

Ruger old model single-six blue 65” convertible 22lr/22wmr for sale online. Single six serial numbers: page 1 of 1 that ruger serial numbers that begin with a star are it designates that the single-six was shipped with the22 the above chart shows the approximate. I bought a nice old model single-six today to have some fun with i have been trying to date it with the serial number on the ruger website but i'm having a problem.

Ruger single six serial number dating
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